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Customozed Applewood Barn - Built in Tennessee Customized Chestnut Hill Horse Barn - Built in Massachusetts

Custom Chestnut Barn

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Custom Applewood Barn


Custom Chestnut Hill Barn

Boxboro, Massachusetts

"I love all of the options and add-ons...My horses and I thank you" - K.D., Bedford, IN

The Backroad Home

Horse Barn Plans

Order inexpensive blueprints for small, pole-frame stables with hay lofts and optional add-on stalls, tack rooms, grooming shelters, run-ins, garages, tractor shelters and workshops. The designs are by architect Don Berg, editor of The Backroad Home.

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"I ordered your plans last winter and built the barn this summer. I cannot express to you how happy I am with the building." A.L., Monroe, Maine

Click on the titles to learn more about any of the designs and and to see floor plans and larger illustrations.

Two-Stall Horse Barn Plans

The Chestnut Two-Stall Barn is a 20'x24' pole- barn with a loft, two stalls and a big Alley for storage and grooming. Dutch stall doors and big, sliding alley doors add to your convenience.

Horse Barn Plans with Grooming Area

The Chestnut Woods Barn has a shady shelter  in front of its two  stall doors. Future expansion is easy with more stalls, a garage or workshop on the other side.

Two or Four Horse Stall Pole-Barn and Garage Plans

The Apple Downs Two or Four-Stall Barn and Garage  Here's a versatile all-in-one backyard barn for your car, truck or tractor and two or four horses. There's a 20'x24' open center area for storage and grooming and a 20'x24' loft.

Two Stall Horse Barn Plans with Shop and Grooming Shelter

The Chestnut Hill Barn  combines two stalls with a 12'x24' utility shed that can be your workshop, tractor garage, tack room or feed shed. A 10'x24 roof in front of the stall doors provides a sheltered outdoor area for grooming.


Small Three-Stall Horse Barn Plans with Hay Loft and Grooming Shelters

The Chestnut Valley Barn has three stalls with shady, roofed grooming areas in front of their big Dutch doors. With the big sliding alley doors and the top panels open, this is breezy barn that's great for warm locations.



Four-Stall Horse Barn Plans

The Chestnut Four-Stall Horse Barn has 10'x12' stalls on both sides of a front-to-back Alley for easy access and cleaning.

Four or Six Stall Horse Pole-Barn Plans

The Russet Ridge Four or Six Stall Horse Barn  This pretty little pole-barn is big on efficiency and versatility. There's a 20'x24' open center area for storage and grooming and a 20'x24' Loft. You can build it with 4 or 6 stalls or build the 4-stall barn now and add the extra stalls in the future.

Three Stall Post-Frame Horse Barn Plans

The Chestnut Three-Stall Barn has three 10'x12 stalls. A 10'x12' roof provides a sheltered outdoor area for grooming.

Pole-Frame Two or Four Stall Horse Barn Plans

The Applewood Barn and Run-In  can be built with two or four horse stalls. It has a shady shelter across one side for your use as a grooming area, run-in or equipment shed. 

Pole Barn for Horses with Run-In Sheds

The Chestnut Meadow Barn has a shady grooming shelter in front of the two stall doors and a 10'x24' run-in on the other side of the barn. With any of the Chestnut Horse Barn layouts, you can build with your choice of exterior materials.

Horse Barn with Loafing Shed

The Chestnut Ridge Barn has a run-in or loafing shed on the side. The versatile 10'x24' overhead shelter also makes a fine carport or equipment shelter.

Combination Horse Barn and Garage

The Chestnut Horse Barn and Garage is an all-in-one shelter for two horses and a car, truck or tractor. The 12'x24' garage is wide enough for yard tools on the side walls and has room at back for a workbench or tack and feed area.

Two or Four Stall Horse Barn Plans with Workshop

The Crab Apple Barn & Shop adds a 12'x24' work or hobby shop to a horse barn with two or four stalls. There's a big door at the back of the shop so you can drive your tractor or antique carriage right in.


Custom Pole-Barn Plans

Customized Pole Barns  All of our pole barns plans and pole-frame garage plans are simple designs that allow customers to easily create their own unique versions. Click to see some of the many fascinating ways that these pole barns have been customized by their owners and builders.


"I was very pleased with the plans as well as how quickly you sent them out. Thanks again." - K.C., Cassville, New York

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Have all blueprints reviewed by your building department or by an experienced building professional who knows local conditions, before you purchase or start to build. These plans may have to be modified by a local professional to suit your site's building code and weather requirements.


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