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Little Barn Plans for Small Farmers, Homesteaders and Hobbyists

If you have a small farm, homestead, market garden, mill, country business or serious hobby, you should take a look at these barn blueprints. Many of these barnyard and backyard barn designs combine storage spaces, vehicle parking, small animal shelters, shops, studios, greenhouses and potting sheds into one economical pole-frame building. Others are inexpensive all-purpose outbuildings that can help you with all of your work and storage needs.

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"Thank you for the plans. We finished our barn in August...fits right in with the rest of our buildings!  We're using it as a goat barn with two run-in pens, and an interior ramp to allow the goats to look out the hayloft door.  The plans were very well drawn and easy to follow." - K.H., Poplar Grove, Illinois

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Small Pole-Frame Goat Barn

The Candlewood Mini-Barn  Build this little, all-purpose pole-frame building for small animals or as your shed, garage, tractor shelter, workshop or backyard studio. It has a parking area for a car, small truck or yard tractor, an extra area for a workshop and tools, and a storage loft with a convenient outside door and lift post.

Barn, Workshop and Potting Shed Plans

The Red Maple Pole- Barn has an 18'x24' all-purpose central space, a 10'x18' greenhouse and a 10'x24' storage shed with its own sliding door for your lawn tractor, bikes or hobby vehicles.

Small Pole Barn and Alabama Sunset

Woodberry Pole Barn and Workshop Plans  Build this small, all-purpose building as your storage barn, garage, equipment shelter, workshop or backyard studio. It has parking spots for two cars or small trucks, an extra area for a workshop and tools, and a storage loft with a convenient outside door and lift post.These plans are for pole-frame construction.

Loft Garage, Workshop and Greenhouse Plans

The Walnut Hobby Barn  If you enjoy gardening, woodworking or tooling around on an old car or tractor, you'll love this barn. It has a big, bright workshop with doors at back so you can wheel your projects and supplies right in. It also has a greenhouse or potting shed with doors for your lawn mower.

Backyard Workshop or Studio Mini-Barn

Min-Barn Plans  This pretty little barn-roof shed has double doors so you can drive your lawn tractor, ATV or snowmobile right in. Building plans are available here in three different sizes: 12'x16', 16'x20' and 16'x24'. Those are all big enough for this to be your hobby shop or backyard studio too. These plans are for conventional stud-frame construction.

Pole-Barn 3-Car Garage Plans with Caroprt

The Elm Pole-Frame Garage Plan  has a 24'x24' main garage with stairs up to a full loft. An optional carport on one side and an optional 12'x24' garage, storage space or workshop on the opposite side complete the layout. The optional carport and garage, shed or shop can be built at the same time as the main garage, or can be added at any time in the future.

Custom Yard Barn Plans

Customized Yard Barns  All of our little barns plans are simple designs that allow customers to easily create their own unique versions. Click to see photos of some of the many fascinating ways that they have been customized by their owners and builders.

Garage Plans with Tractor Shed and Potting Shed

The Walnut Gardener's Barn is a a big two-car garage with a 10'x18' greenhouse on one side and a 12'x18' tractor garage on the other. Stairs lead from the greenhouse to a high and dry storage loft for seed and seasonal tools and furniture.

Backyard Pole-Barn Plans

The Sugar Maple Barn This little building is the perfect solution for backyard storage on a budget. It has one big center parking bay behind big sliding doors, for your car, truck or SUV. Another smaller bay will fit a second car or tractor with enough room left at back for your work or hobby shop. A big open shelter will swallow up your lawn tractor, bikes, yard tools, motor toys and firewood.

Backyard Craft Barn or Hobby Shop

The Applewood Forge Barn and Workshop  This efficient barn has two big parking bays, room for a work or hobby shop and a 12'x24' side shed for firewood, lumber, yard tools, small tractors and more. These plans are for pole-frame construction.

The Appleton Work Barn  This 44'x24' barn has two parking bays and a big workshop. The shop has garage doors at back so you can drive your tractor or antique car right in. The main barn has 9' high and 10' wide doors front and back. These plans are for pole-frame construction.

2-Car Pole-Frame Garage Plans with Loft and Potting Shed

The Maple Garage and Potting Shed  Pamper your vehicles and seedlings with this new garage. It has two big parking bays, a big Storage Loft, and a Greenhouse or Potting Shed with doors big enough for your lawn tractor. Simple, pole-barn construction makes this a practical choice for your new garage.

Pole-Barn Equipment Shelter Garage Plans

Apple Cart Barn  Build this pole-barn for inexpensive storage for your tractors, hay or feed. The 20'x24' center barn has two 12'x24' lean-to shelters for additional storage space. There are pull-down stairs to and an outside hatch to a high-and-dry Loft. Blueprints include a variety of easy-to-build sheds and shelters that you can add across the back for even more space.

Two-Car Country Garage in Vermont - Side View

The Ashokan Pole-Barn and  Workshop Plan Set allows parking for one or two vehicles with extra space for a workbench and tools. Stairs lead up to a big loft that you can use for storage or as a studio, study or office.


Small Vermont Pole-Barn

The Cold Spring Barn has a parking space that's big enough for a car, tractor or small truck. There are stairs up to a 16'x22' storage loft with a convenient exterior hatch door and lift post. A shed-roof extension at the side is perfect for use as a workshop or for storing a lawn tractor, bikes, an ATV or a snowmobile.

Combination Barn, Garage and Greenhouse Plans

The Maple Gardener's Barn has a 10'x18' greenhouse or potting shed, a big garage and a smaller garage for your tractor and yard equipment. 

Small Sheep Barn in Vermont

Battenkill Barn Plans The little Battenkill Pole-Barn has a main space that's big enough for a car, tractor, small truck or a variety of small animals. There's a 16'x22' storage loft with pull-down stairs and an exterior hatch door and lift post. A shed-roof extension at the back has its own sliding barn door. It's perfect for use as a workshop or for storing a lawn tractor, bikes, an ATV or a snowmobile.

Three Car Pole-Frame Garage Plans with Potting Shed

The Walnut Garage and Potting Shed Plans  The potting shed at the side of this big three-bay garage has doors at back for your garden tractor and stairs up to a Loft for seed, supplies and garden furniture storage.

Workshop, Studio and Garage Plans

Workshop, Studio and Hobby Shop Plans  This attractive, gable roof workshop or studio has double hinged doors and an 8' wide overhead garage door on the front. That makes it perfect for moving materials in and big projects out. It's also a makes a great combination garage and shop for small vehicles. These plans are for conventional stud-frame construction.

Pole-Frame Garage Plans with Shed

Elm Creek Backyard Barn and Garage  starts with a 24'x24', two-car main garage with stairs up to a full loft. Optional lean-to plans that are included with the drawings allow you to expand your garage on either side or across the back. You can add parking spaces, carports workshop areas, enclosed storage sheds or open shelters.

Small Horse Barn

Small Horse and Animal Barn Plans  Our collection of small barns for horses, ponies, lamas and alpacas includes fifteen different pole-barn designs that combine stalls with garages, workshops, grooming areas carports and storage sheds.

"I saw this and immediately decided we must have a new barn. Your plans are just what we needed" - S.C., Carson City, Nevada

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